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The Second-Child Syndrome

7 responses to “The Second-Child Syndrome”

  1. babelbabe

    funny. i have never seen it expressed so well, but YES.

  2. Emily Rogan

    Funny you should write this post this week. I realized how my 2nd, beautiful Julia, has to tolerate me when I’m irritable because of the behavior of her 13 year old brother. It’s not fair to her at all that her brother’s behavior and mood seem to dictate mine. She’s so easy going (about most things) that it’s easy to take advantage and that’s just not fair. Working on it. And it’s interesting that I remember all of Henry’s firsts, but Bobby remembers all of Julia’s because he was home, injured during most of her infancy and toddler years. Birth order is a interesting phenomenon.

  3. MarthaandMe

    So much of this is true for me also! My oldest is girl and my second is a boy so although the clothes were not hand me downs, everything else is the same. Like you, I started freelancing with #2 and I did a lot of nursing in front of the computer. I understand the feeling about wanting to crawl in bed with him too. My son is 11 now, but he’s still my cuddle guy wheras my teen daughter has more important things to do!

  4. kate

    what a well said piece. written, i suppose but wonderful. i often feel guilty (surprise ) that my second son is so clearly ‘my heart’…
    strange, hm?
    thanks for your good words.

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  7. Brenda

    Hi All I can confirm that second child syndrome does exist I am one of three sisters and yes the middle one I am currently yet again not speaking to my sisters and my mother over my Dads accordion he will be dead eight years this year my Mother gave it to my eldest daughter 2 years ago now all of a sudden my youngest sister wants it but my mother will not admit she gave it to my daughter and now wants it back to give it to my sister we have given it back and I have also gave her back the key of her house and told her I was done she never looks for me unless something is wrong if she buys clothes or gifts she will always have my sisters choose first and I can have the left overs always felt it but never said anything she hates my husband and his family even though they have never done or said anything to her or any of my sisters the three of them hate people just for the sake of hating them where as I just get on with everyone and have fun my daughter is getting married in july and my sister told her they might not go because her son does not like my brother in law who is the principle of his school but he has never had an issue with him never I don’t like fighting or arguing with anyone it makes me sad but I am finished this time their negativity makes me sad and drags me down we have made up in the past but it never lasts long they usually start it off again over something else never really felt part of the family I just existed my Dad was a good man though I did make the mistake of asking him once who his favourite was thinking he was going to say me but it wasn’t it was my youngest sister that hurt but I didn’t hold it against him I should have known so there u go I don’t feel sorry for myself I just get on with life not my fault I didn’t ask to be born