Just doing a little light iPad-ding, mom. Don't mind me.

Repeat After Me: Tablets for Toddlers are Toys.

  Am I looking slightly concerned-slash-glum in the screen shot above? That’s me yesterday on Fox & Friends, debating Dr. Jeffrey Gardere on the subject of toddlers and tablets. You know, two year olds with iPads or those kidified tablets from Leap Frog and Nabi and VTech. The good doctor’s approach was that these aren’t at all bad; that, in fact, he said — citing research I’d love to get my hands on — kids who use tablets have better vocabularies than their counterparts by age five. (For more, watch the whole three-plus-minute clip, here). My thoughts on toddlers and …Keep Reading

Forget Helicopter Parenting, It's All About African-Violet Parenting

Forget Helicopter Parenting, It’s All About African-Violet Parenting

Every winter, just before my mom and dad pack up and snowbird their way down to Florida until spring, they drop off a couple of plants at my house for safekeeping. Every year I tell them: Your plants are only marginally safer at my home than they would be had you left them to gather dust and dry out at your place. But somehow the plants survive (I suspect my husband drizzles some water on them from time to time), and every so often, my mom “lets” me keep one. I guess she’s optimistic about her plant’s chances for survival. …Keep Reading

FYI (If You’re the Parent of Boys)

Several years ago now, I was watching an episode of the TLC show about the Duggar family — 17 Kids and Counting, I believe it was called then, though I think they currently have 19 children, and I’m not sure they still have a show (I’m afraid to check). In this episode, a bunch of the older kids were out and about, and one of the teen daughters, in an aside to the camera, explained how her family dealt with the boys being in places — as in, anyplace other than home — that might contain women dressed immodestly. They’d …Keep Reading