Why I'm Sorry Summer's Ending, For the First Time in a Long Time.

Why I’m Sorry Summer’s Ending, For the First Time in a Long Time.

READERS! Hi there. It’s me, Denise. Been a while, right? I’d say let me ‘splain, but to quote Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride, “no, is too much. Let me sum up”: I’ve been stuck in a cycle of working and worrying and working on not worrying so much and worrying that I’m not working enough. But I’m back and eager to explore what this blog will evolve into now that my kiddos are getting older and it’s less about snacks and bedtime and more about… well, you tell me, parents of tweens. What IS it about? But first, this: …Keep Reading

Just doing a little light iPad-ding, mom. Don't mind me.

Repeat After Me: Tablets for Toddlers are Toys.

  Am I looking slightly concerned-slash-glum in the screen shot above? That’s me yesterday on Fox & Friends, debating Dr. Jeffrey Gardere on the subject of toddlers and tablets. You know, two year olds with iPads or those kidified tablets from Leap Frog and Nabi and VTech. The good doctor’s approach was that these aren’t at all bad; that, in fact, he said — citing research I’d love to get my hands on — kids who use tablets have better vocabularies than their counterparts by age five. (For more, watch the whole three-plus-minute clip, here). My thoughts on toddlers and …Keep Reading