My very first ever bylined piece, in Child magazine (now defunct) was about circumcision. Took a long time to live that one down with the family. I was a 21-year-old editorial assistant, and I got a byline. Who cared what it was about? I had, typed on an index card and pinned above the desk in my cubicle, a quote attributed to journalist Linda Ellerbee:

“A journalist doesn’t have to know something. She just has to know how to find things out.”

I’ve found out a lot since then, both through reporting hundreds of stories for consumer and custom clients, and through just, you know, living life.

If you’d asked me, back in my early months at Child, if I wanted to write or to edit more keenly, I’d have said writing, hands down. Writing is all I ever wanted to do. But a year into that job? Editing won my heart and my mind, when I realized how deeply creative and collaborative that kind of work is, when it’s being done well.

What I have done over the years has changed radically as the business has shifted, and then shifted again, beneath my feet and those of my writer-editor colleagues. But my love for well-crafted stories has never gone away, whether those stories involve digging into medical research for health features; planning a season’s worth of stories for a custom client’s website; or writing personal essays about parenting or the loss of a friend.

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