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A Look Back: My Favorite Posts of 2010

I’ve now been writing Confessions since May of 2009, when I tapped out my first post, The Birth of a Mean Mom. In reading over random past posts this morning, I felt the urge to re-read a couple of favorites, just to see if I still agree with myself (for those of you who are not writers: writers do this all the time. And in case you’re wondering, yes, I do still agree with myself ). So, as 2010’s clock runs down, I thought I would share seven of my favorite posts from the last year. In January of 2010, …Keep Reading

This was the most exciting element of our law-office visit.

Angels in the Outfield, Devils at Home: I’ll take some private mayhem if it means good behavior in public.

We had quite the day on New Year’s Eve. We woke to a snowstorm, which we drove through, slipping and sliding, for an hour to reach a lawyer’s office in a town that’s normally a 20-minute drive away. We were closing on a refinance of our home mortgage, a process that had taken many frustrating months and literally reams of paper (you’d think much of this could be done digitally, but alas, no). We’d gotten several extensions of our locked-in rate, the last of which expired on that day, so there was no option left: We had to drag the …Keep Reading