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Live on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends:” Debate over corporal punishment in Alabama school

Live on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends:” Does Technology Hinder or Help Child Development?


From CBS TV (NYC) “Live from the Couch”:

Video interview on Where Parents Talk (Rogers TV)

Reviews of Mean Moms Rule

From Publisher’s Weekly:

Schipani has a solid track record of writing on parenting topics and no shortage of opinions. Self-described as “relentlessly practical” she is also funny, witty, and loaded with suggestions for keeping kids in their place (e.g., stash the grown-up ice cream in the back of the freezer and eat it after they go to bed).

From Daily Worth:

“I could go on about how Schipani’s advice is terse, tart and fun—just like her long-time blog—and you’ll enjoy every minute of the book. All true. …  But the best part about “Mean Moms Rule” is that it works. The tip that changed my world and my shopping bill: “Say no, smile, don’t apologize.”

From Urban Baby:

“Rather than trying to be your tot’s BFF, Schipani advocates the not-so-easy path of enforcing rules and offering consequences for bad behavior.”

From The Stir on Cafe Mom:

“Denise says that as parenting culture has become more intensive, it’s become harder for us to accept the idea of failure. “The idea that sometimes, you do fail, even in little ways. And that sometimes, those failures are good for your child.” Failure — actually good for our kids. Now that’s a radical idea.”

From Mommy Tries:

“Schipani points out that her parenting style is just plain hard sometimes, in terms of both continually establishing boundaries for your children and in terms of swimming upstream in an ever-more-permissive society. But she feels the benefits are well worth it. ‘I am going to take these two little boys I’ve created and turn them into good men. If it kills me.'”

From NY Metro Parents:

“Denise is a professional writer, and it shows. Her posts are sometimes on the lighter, funnier side, and sometimes on the more serious, but they are all written in the engaging, punchy style of a journalist who knows her own voice.”

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About the book:

Mean Moms say no. Mean Moms value consistency. Mean Moms trust their instincts. Mean Moms don’t care what everyone else is doing. Mean Moms prepare their kids for the world — not the world for their kids, raising their children into adults who can make themselves happy. Mean Moms Rule. And their kids benefit.

About the blog:

Mean Moms Rule by Denise Schipani takes on modern parenting bugaboos from the avalanche of snacks to helicopter parenting to the Tiger Mom with smarts, a tart tone, and whole lot of humor. Schipani skewers a parenting culture that makes mommies into saints (we are not!) or slaves (hell to the no!), and advocates for doing the hard stuff now, so we can leave a generation of good kids later.

About Denise Schipani:

Denise Schipani has been a magazine writer and editor for 25 years, and a mother for almost 10. She writes about parenting, health, fitness, family issues and relationships for a wide range of national and international publications, and has managed to get two boys toilet trained and partway through grade school, which seems like a decent track record. She lives in New York.


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