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Setting Sail, and Throwing Guilt Overboard

8 responses to “Setting Sail, and Throwing Guilt Overboard”

  1. Debbie

    I just got back from a conference (where we were treated royally, ate 5 gourmet meals a day, showered with gifts and spend hours in the spa). Guilty? No way. My husband appreciates me SOOO much more now, and the kids love their new plastic name holders with lanyards. Seriously!

  2. Louise Sloan

    Now THIS is why I need a husband–so I can ditch him with the kid and go on a cruise! As it is, the 4-day babysitting fee would offset the cheapness of the travel, for me. I’m jealous–bon voyage!

  3. MarthaandMe

    So jealous! I wish I was going. I had to laugh – I too absolutely hate salons, haircuts, facials and even massages. I once said to my husband I hated going there “because it’s all about appearances.” Well, duh! Hope you have a good trip and send me some sunshine please.

  4. Melody

    Have a fabulous time, Denise. You totally deserve it. Force yourself to get pampered, eh?

  5. Karen Maezen Miller

    Oh yes.

  6. Christina Baglivi Tinglof

    Hope you’re having a great time! Although I’ve never been a “spa mom,” I’m a big believer in “Girls-Night-Out.” A little dinner, a little wine, and a little girl talk is soooooo very important. I try to take care of myself and I also try to let my kids know when I’ve reached my limit and need a “time out” alone in my room! Mommies have to be good to themselves!

  7. Jennifer Fink

    Ah, wasn’t it a great time? I’m reading this post-cruise, but even from that vantage point, everything you say makes sense. I came home to sick kids, cat poop and a dubious Internet connecetion, but somehow, taking that break and just being ME for four days gave me the charge I needed to power through.

    Let’s do it next year!

  8. Emily Rogan

    Ahem…why wasn’t I mentioned as your biggest cheerleader and social director? Just kidding…great post!