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Guest Post: Author Phoebe Lee on Raising a More Grateful Child

One response to “Guest Post: Author Phoebe Lee on Raising a More Grateful Child”

  1. Sally

    How timely this post is. I JUST had a conversation with my son at breakfast about gratitude, although I am not sure we used that word. He was honest about sometimes not being happy with what he has, even though he knows that others have less. He also admitted that sometimes he is happy for what he has (whew!). We spoke about how people sometimes focus on what they don’t have rather than on what they do have. I think he was really thinking about it. I took the opportunity to mention some wonderful things he has, like a cozy bed (he looked extra cozy when I woke him up this morning and we had a short conversation about how cozy his bed and blanket were), a loving family, and shoes for all weather (the food thing just doesn’t resonate with my kid). So yes, I agree that we have to instill gratitude in our children and I, for one, am grateful for the tips posted here (thanks to Denise and Phoebe Lee)!