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Does Being a Parent Make You Happy?

7 responses to “Does Being a Parent Make You Happy?”

  1. debbie

    Nicely said, especially that last paragraph. I think for me, the issue isn’t so much that I expected my son to make me happy. I just didn’t think I’d wind up *unhappy* so much of the time. Which is not to say that parenting makes me unhappy… It’s more that my stress level is just insanely high, and I attribute a lot of that to meeting the needs of a child. Even vacation isn’t particularly relaxing or refreshing, kwim?

  2. Frugal Kiwi

    I love it. Great piece. Especially after last week where I dealt with a child for several days who has been pampered and coddled his whole bloody life. A nearly 10-year-old I had to teach how to grate cheese and whisk an egg. How could this even be possible, I ask?

    My own niece who is 9 months younger can already cook simple dinners for her family. Because they do things for each other.

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  4. Carey

    I agree with what Debbie said. It the periods where I feel utterly miserable that I wasn’t prepared for. Luckily, I have identified what I need to do to keep those occurrences to a minimum. But never did I think my son was going to be the happiness cure all.

  5. Sally

    My son recently noted that his friend has to do chores for his allowance. My son was feeling good because he gets a small allowance with no attachment to chores. My reply: We give you an allowance so you can learn to handle money; we expect you to do your chores (they are not even really chores – things like taking his plate to the sink after meals and putting his laundry in the hamper) because you are part of the family and we all pitch in. TEAMWORK! He wasn’t as excited as the Wonder Pets are about teamwork, but I think he got the message.

    Re: happiness. I think I did think having a child would bring me happiness. And it does, once I get past all the work involved in keeping them fed and clothed. I wasn’t unhappy before I had kids, but I do remember feeling a nice, calm and happy feeling during pregnancy. I loved being pregnant – that was the easy part!

  6. 3d scan in dublin

    well, a very good question with no easy answer. I’m like most of you though… after the hard work and play I do think these little ones give my life more meaning. I think the IVF couples out there will agree!
    Thanks and…keep writing!

  7. MR

    Wonderful post. Such a mature outlook. Thank you.