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Do You Know Who’s Breaking Up With Your Kids? (Please Tell Me You Don’t. Please.)

3 responses to “Do You Know Who’s Breaking Up With Your Kids? (Please Tell Me You Don’t. Please.)”

  1. Caro

    Great post, as usual. I don’t have solutions, just examples to add.

    I taught in an all girls high school for 5 years and the mothers were unreal. One time, a mom called me 20 minutes before her daughter was supposed to be taking a test in my class to tell me her daughter wouldn’t be there b/c she was having “friend problems” and the mother was taking her out for ice cream. Don’t even get me started on all the mothers allowing their daughters to play hooky because they desperately needed “mental health days”. Please. The teachers need those, not the kids.

    I saw a lot of women fetishizing the mother-daughter relationship and using their daughters to make a statement about themselves (the moms) instead of letting the girls develop into independent women.

    I have two boys like you, Denise, and even though the elder one is only just 3, I already get stupid comments like “well, you can step back and give them more space b/c they’re BOYS.” What bull. I think a lot of these smother mother problems begin very early and some have to do with perceived differences between the sexes. I do believe boys and girls are different, of course, but not so different as it is convenient for some people to claim.

    I believe helicopter parenting is the most dangerous trend being passed off as “good parenting” today, and the effects will be very telling when these kids hit the work force and have real relationships that aren’t managed by mom, assuming that’s ever allowed to happen. I mean, my boys might marry a girl like that, bringing a mother like that into my life. The horror!

    Anyway, I hope other readers have solutions, b/c I don’t and thinking about stories like these just gets me all depressed!

  2. Donna

    Whatever happened to “If that’s the worst thing in your life that happens to you, consider yourself lucky” attitude. I am sick of parents signing their kids up for every stinkin club, sport and birthday party so their kids can have alot of friends. Friends schmends. Everyone knows we all end up with one or two good friends in life. I realize you need to have some to get to those one or two but over 15?? Come on! My kids get to do whatever extra curricular activity they feel they want to experience. No spending every weekend of my life engaged in the latest basketball or soccer tournament. Hey, sports are great, and teach alot of things but spending my entire season in some gym then running to two birthday parties on a weekend oh and to fit in another practice for the next seasons sport is not going to happen. Why can’t kids be kids and enjoy what they want and pay the MOST attention to their primary job, get this, SCHOOL. Education is what matters most here folks, not how many basketball trophies and tournaments they played in. Goooood old education and being a kid.

  3. Erika

    What are you going to do? Nothing! Let idiots be idiots. How could you possibly talk them out of their insane behavior? You have no control over what anyone else does, so fuhgeddaboudit and just do your thing, with your family. And be happy that you’re not screwing up your kids.