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Camp Care Packages Gone Crazy. Thanks to Parents.

9 responses to “Camp Care Packages Gone Crazy. Thanks to Parents.”

  1. Jennifer L.W. Fink (@jlwf)


  2. Kris Bordessa (@KrisBordessa)

    My first essay – so many years ago – for FamilyFun was about what I felt was excess in the Tooth Fairy realm. $5 and $10 for a tooth? Really? How is my kid supposed to share the excitement of the fifty-cent piece he found under his pillow with friends who netted a Lincoln? These parents putting out such effort to outdo other parents, even breaking the rules to do so (um, hello, what’s THAT teaching the kids) are not doing their kids any favors.

  3. Christina Baglivi Tinglof

    Too funny! I can just see these parents in the garage workshops toiling away late into the night hollowing out books and the like! Priceless!

  4. Carrie

    WTF just about covers it. I feel sick to my stomach reading this. Ugh! These parents are depriving their kids of the “simple pleasures”; the yearning for something simple and normal. How can a camp-approved S’mores night compare with a box full of sugary crap? How can the kids get excited about those s’mores when they eat contraband treats after lights out? It makes the kids jaded – camp s’mores won’t be a cherished memory of childhood sleep away camp…it will be yet another thing about their childhood that was “lame”. SMH

  5. Emily Rogan

    Denise, my kids did go to sleep away camp for many years and that camp always had a no care package policy. That said, the idea of care packages, particularly to children who go away for 6-8 weeks, was to offer them some comforts from home, not to load them up with junk. I know plenty of parents who follow the rules and send their kids (at camps that allow packages) photos, books, magazines, games, puzzles and maybe a few treats. You know you and I are on the same page about the no junk food philosophy, but I hope no one’s take away from your post (because I know that’s not what your intent was) is to bash sending kids away to sleep away camp. It’s a great experience for them and a great way to help them learn to separate and develop away from home…without their parents hovering!!!!

  6. Emily

    I can see banning food, like the summer camp that I went to from ages 10-16, circa 1994-2000, did. It wasn’t until the summer of 1996 that they really started enforcing the food ban–I remember this, because the summer before that, my cabin mates and I had a “pet” raccoon who lived near our cabin, and we’d feed him popcorn that one of the girls brought. The summer after that, I brought a pound of Gummi Bears with me, and they were confiscated and (probably) eaten by the counsellors. Anyway, looking back now, as an adult, I get it–food can attract vermin, and in the case of that camp, raccoons. Some raccoons have rabies. Also, there’s the issue of kids stuffing themselves with candy, and not being hungry for “real” food. However, I think banning ALL care packages is kind of throwing out the baby with the bathwater. I loved getting Archie Comics in the mail when I was at camp, and it bugs me to think that a whole generation of kids are going to be denied comic books, magazines, playing cards, small toys, and other completely harmless things, because some parents went overboard with junk food.

  7. HyeKeen

    Wow! I remember getting care packages like that in COLLEGE, but while at summer camp I got these great letters from mom and dad. Mom’s letters had pictures in place of some words and I still have some of them still at the age of 36!

    Camp is supposed to be about being out in the wildnerness, fun with old friends and making new ones, crafts, meadow overnights to look at the stars…. I don’t think my parents ever sent me food/gifts, just fun letters. :)