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The Connection Between the Casey Anthony Case and “Teen Mom” Shows

Since the Casey Anthony “not guilty” verdict came in from Central Florida yesterday afternoon, my Facebook wall and Twitter feed have been clogged with “no way!” and “disgraceful!” and “No justice for Caylee!”, to the point where I want to go back in time to an era when social media didn’t dominate.   I also avoided news about the Anthony case. For a bunch of reasons: I don’t watch cable TV news ever (the only time I see snippets of CNN, FOX News, or MSNBC, it’s because Jon Stewart’s called them out on The Daily Show. I also don’t watch …Keep Reading

First day of school, last year. I can't help being organized, but I fear it triggers an excess of impatience.

Confessions of an Impatient Mother

Well, the title says it, eh? I’m confessing: I’m horribly impatient. (Those of you who know me are, I realize, sitting there rolling your eyes, like, duh.)   I want to be started with things, and then I want things done. When I wanted to become pregnant, I wanted it to happen pronto, and quickly became frustrated and upset when it took longer than immediately (6 months, for the record). I was sure we’d never find a house we liked and could afford (it took 3 months, for the record, though the closing process dragged for another 5 months until …Keep Reading

When you've been a Mean Mom with your own kids, you get to be a Fun Grandma. Here she is blowing bubbles with James.

The Original Mean Mommy: Why Being the Only Mother You Know How to Be is the Best Lesson My Mother Never Thought She Was Teaching Me

Confession time: The whole mean mommy thing? I stole the idea. Stole. It. But it’s okay, because I stole it from my mother, the Original Mean Mommy: I think I may have written this in my first-ever post on this blog, but it’s an anecdote that bears repeating. When I was newly married but not yet a mother, I was musing aloud to my cousins about what kind of mother I thought I might be. “I have a feeling,” I said, “that I’ll be a lot like my mom.” And my cousin Julia (herself then also a newlywed with no …Keep Reading

How parenting feels when you do it in your own vacuum: Like pushing a rock up a hill. Over. And over. And over.

Parenting isn’t for Sissies. Or for Sisyphus.

I’m going to be honest here: I haven’t been having the greatest time lately, as a parent. As a friend of mine has said more than once (and she may have borrowed it from someone else): Parenting isn’t for sissies. My boys are going through tough stages. I don’t know what it is, exactly, but I have heard that first grade and third grade (and the odd grades in general) are harder to get through. But they seem stressed out about school even though they’re both doing well. The little one’s mood is on its usual hair-trigger: the same things …Keep Reading